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Marmalade pet care is a pet product design firm that emphasizes 'good design' in every aspect of its products: designed for pets, accounting for aesthetics, function, renewable/recyclable materiality, efficient, local production and made in the USA!

Marmalade Pet Care values innovation and the creation of uncommonly appealing pet products through good design.

Responsible manufacturing.
Rooted in our personal backgrounds, Marmalade pet care's ethic resides in the desire to create a socially responsible company that has a genuine appreciation for the welfare of all animals and the environment.

We seek to improve the quality of life for all animals: from pets who have loving homes, extending to those in rescue shelters. Marmalade pet care offers support to animal organizations through partnerships and participation in charitable events.

Environmental needs are addressed though 'Good Design' practices. We define 'Good Design' as accounting for the enitre life of a product from beginning to end: Domestic (local) sourcing; sustainable materials; efficient production, superior use period and eventual recyclablility of the product.

Kimberly is Marmalade pet care's source of inspiration and values whose diverse background in animal care has provided for our philanthropic foundation. A simple question was once asked by Kim: "How can we do more to help animals?". Even with two adopted cats, an adopted hamster and annual donations to the humane society, Kim felt there was more to offer as the overwhelming number of animals 'in need' remained. Kim's question was substantially fulfilled in 2002, who, while holding a full time job, volunteered for PAWS "Cat City", and started an in-home cat sitting service company, Plush pet care to create more revenue for annual donations. Animals are her passion and it was easy to integrate these tasks into her lifestyle however, with limited resources, her time for cat sitting and volunteering were limited, falling short of her expectations. She realized that although she was helping to make a small difference for the short term, she had the horsepower to do something more.

Brandon, Marmalade pet care's principal product designer has a background in architectural design, and addresses the design problems faced by cats in the same way he would as if solving a problem for humans. The only difference is that cats are silently critical and much more sensitive to good design than us humans.

The instant appeal and usability of Marmalade pet care products are immediate when introduced to cats and their owners! Guided by our ideals and Kim's unique insight to the understanding of cats, our product ideas are refined through an intensive design process creating usable, unique and appealing objects.

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